Find Time With a Grateful Pause

Gratitude has a profound effect on our experience of time.

Wondering how that might work? Well, here’s a very brief visualization to help you experience this first-hand:

Imagine yourself on a country lane.

It’s a beautiful, soft, October day.

The beech trees have all turned and the gold of their leaves pervades the autumn air.

You are walking along and you stop to look around.

A single leaf falls to the forest floor.

You breathe in and out, in rhythm with your heart’s beat.

You feel grateful to be alive and enjoying this simple moment of silence and beauty.

Being Grateful Changes Everything

When you start walking again, you feel different – calmer, perhaps – more connected. You continue along your way, filled with the knowledge that each time you do this, you are changed. Deepened.

This is what an attitude of gratitude brings. It is simple, yet also as profound as just about anything in this life.

When you open your heart to gratitude you also open to each moment and everything that it brings. This, in turn, transforms your experience of time. It helps you to slow down. And sometimes it stops you in your tracks!

I like to spend some time each day, jotting down things that I feel grateful for. Try this for yourself, as you make your way toward Thanksgiving Day. I’d love to hear how it goes for you – what you discover – how it affects your experience of time!